YuMi Deadly Maths

The YuMi Deadly Mathematics program was developed at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) specifically to cater for the needs of children from indigenous and lower socio-economic backgrounds. It uses lots of hands-on activities and links to real life to help maths make sense to children. Sunshine Harvester Primary School adopted the YuMi program in 2012 and we are proud to have been nominated by QUT as a YuMi Deadly Maths Centre for Excellence. Teachers from a number of other schools attended SHPS on 29th May 2013 to attend a YuMi sharing summit. You can read about the YuMi program at SHPS in this news item from QUT - Click Here




 YuMi Maths

The grade two students in 2013 spent a term considering mathematics in designing and growing a vegetable garden. Not only was the learning engaging and fun – so too was their understanding of space, shape, location, number, seasons, measurement – volume, capacity, etc. The teaching team was so inspired by their students’ learning and understanding, they have continued to use the garden area of the school for further learning.

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Queensland University of Technology Prof Tom Cooper Explains the RAMR framework that underpins Yumi teaching: