The Arts

Sunshine Harvester’s arts program aims to give children an enjoyable means of expressing themselves through both performing and visual arts. The arts program is integrated within the school curriculum, and will assist students develop their understandings in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

Grade Prep

The prep children are learning about themselves, their families and their communities. Students will be using different materials such as crayons, paints and collage to represent themselves, and people in their community. 

Grade One 

The grade ones are learning about space. Students will be looking at what you see in space, and making these objects using various materials. Focus will be on colour, and how to represent what you see in space. 

Grade Two 

The arts program will be assisting the students with their understanding of narrative. We will be focusing on character and setting. Students will be representing characters and settings using different materials including crayons collage, paint and playdough. 

Grade Three

Grade three students are learning about advertising. They will be designing a t-shirt and advertising it using various mediums. They will develop their skills from both performing and visual arts. 

Grade Four (& 3/4)

The grade fours are learning about Australia. We will be representing iconic images of Australia using various materials such as crayons, paints, pencils and collage. 

Grade Five 

The grade fives are learning about adventures. Students will be creating characters that can go on an adventure. They will then create a graphic adventure using paints, crayons or pencils. 

Grade Six 

Students are learning about protagonists and antagonists in multi-media. Students will be creating heroes and making them using various materials. This may involve both drawing and sculpture.

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