Physical Education, School Camps and Swimming

Sunshine Harvester specialist Physical Education program lets children experience the fun of fitness, health and teamwork. 

During Physical education lessons, students undertake various sport, health and fitness activities designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

Each year level has a specially develop physical education program :

Prep: Students are introduced to Fundamental Motor Skills through involvement in a range of activities including catching, bouncing, kicking, running and playing various minor games.

Grades 1-2: Students build on the fundamental motor skills acquired from Prep through activity in modified games including basketball, striking games, and underarm throwing games.

Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6: Students progressively develop motor skills when participating in invasion games such as Soccer, Football, Basketball and Hockey. Students learn about specific sport strategies through game sense activities. Students also focus on various events in athletics and are given an opportunity to develop their fitness as well as endurance when participating in all Physical Education lessons.

Sunshine Harvester students are encouraged to represent the school in competitive inter-school sports, such as:

  • Autumn/Winter Inter-school Sports: T-Ball, Netball, Football and Newcomb
  • Spring/Summer Inter-school Sports:  Basketball, Soccer, Cricket and Bat Tennis
  • Cross Country running
  • Athletics


Tee-ball in Action


Since 2012, students have been taking part in a 'Fitness First' program designed to improve leadership skills, confidence and fitness. Teachers assisted by grade 6 leaders take groups of students for various fitness activities. The activities run from 9am through to 9:20am from Tuesday through to Thursday. Activities include, Relay races, Skipping, a Commando course and much more. Feedback from students, parents and teachers has been very positive.







Fitness First Program in action


Sunshine Harvester is a Bulldogs Friendly school providing our students with some fantastic opportunities to improve AFL and social skills with the support of The Western Bulldogs football club.



The school's camping program aims to develop students’ problem solving skills and their ability to work as part of a team. There is an emphasis on using a range of interpersonal skills and developing the social skills of each student on the camp. It is hoped that the students will find the experiences of the adventure activities both instructive and enjoyable. At the conclusion of the camp it is anticipated that students will bring a positive, self-confident and caring attitude towards their peers back into their daily school environment.

Every year Sunshine Harvester offers to its student range of Camps programs:

Grade 5/6 Camp ( 3 days )

Grade 3/4 Camp ( 3 days)

Grade P/1/2 Activity Day and Gr 2 Sleepover


All students at Sunshine Harvester have the opportunity to take part in a fantastic swimming program during Term 4. Students are put into small groups depending on their ability and take part in various swimming lessons at different levels.