Dear Parent/Guardian                   


The following documents and information must be presented when you submit your child's Enrolment Form:


      - Birth Certificate (and/or Passport)         

      - Immunisation Certificate                                     

      - Visa sub class

      - Residency status

      - Date student arrived in Australia

      - Visa expiry date


If your child starting  PREP in 2019  to download Enrolment From please click here:

SHPS Enrolment Form PREP 2019 


To download standard Enrolment form for Grades 1- 6 please click here:

SHPS Enrolment Form PDF

SHPS Enrolment Form Word

It is important to fill in all the fields on Enrolment form.

It is also very important to put correct letter code into Job Code box (see Parental Occupational Group Codes), to tick correct box for highest level of education and highest qualification as these define our school funding. Thank you for your attention to these details.

You would need to read/sign:

GOOGLE APPS consent form 

Parent Consent Form 

Privacy Note

Prep speech and language sreening


Additional information and resources:

Immunisation information 

School Uniform Order Form

Canteen Price List


To accept your enrolment, school needs to make sure your residential address in our  catchment area.