After School Care

    Dear Families,                                                                                                          


Sunshine Harvester school offers Out of School Hours Care through a partnership with Sherpa Kids. The program is fully registered and eligible for Government support.



Services Available and Hours of Operation:


Monday – Friday

After School Care: 3:30pm – 6pm*


Bookings: Permanent (Full Time & Part Time) and Casual bookings.


School Term Holidays 1, 2 & 3.

Holiday/Vacation Care: 9am – 5pm*


You can ENROLL online here.

You also can use this link to put your child on the waiting list.


For Before School Care please put your child on the waiting list.


Message from Sherpa Kids:


We are an approved Service for the Child Care benefit (CCB) & Child Care Rebate (CCR).




As Little As          

As Much As       

Before School Care



After School Care



Vacation Care
(All day in School Holidays)



 (These prices are an estimate only)


CCB is income tested and families eligible for this automatically qualify for CCR so fees may be reduced more than 50%.


If families do not qualify for CCB they may still be eligible for CCR which is not income tested.  Families could have their fees reduced by 50% up to $7500/year/child!


For more information please contact:

Name: Denise Boavida

Phone: 0425 672 136


or visit (for fact sheets on CCB and CCR)