Student Attendance Changes

Our School is making some changes to the way we record and monitor student attendance.  Teachers will mark the roll at the start of the day. Students arriving after 9:00am must report to the office to get a late slip.  If they do not sign in, they will appear absent on the roll. If you have not advised the school that your child will be away, you will receive and SMS asking for you to explain the absence.  You may reply to the SMS, call the office or send a note with your child when they return to school.

In our recent review, we were told to improve the number of unexplained absences.  For children to do well at school, they need to attend regularly.  These changes will help us identify ways we can support all students to attend school regularly and be on time.  


If you know your child will be away, you can let the school know by giving the office a call on 03 9311 1234, filling the absence form on the website, sending a note with your child or visiting the office between 8:15 and 4:15 Monday to Friday.


We thank you for your support in this important matter.