Just Right Books


Reading is the key to learning. This year our students and teachers are working extra hard to make sure that every child at Sunshine Harvester learns to read well.  Reading is a tricky process - there are lots of skills needed to become a good reader.  Many of our younger students are currently learning to choose 'Just Right' books.


'Just Right' books are not too easy, not too hard.  To become better readers, children need lots of practise. But not all practise helps.  Practise at reading books that are too easy or too hard will not be much help.  Children need to learn that reading should be understandable.


In our classrooms, children are asked to pick 'Just Right' books from their classroom libraries and to keep them in their 'Just Right' box.  Any time during the week when they are asked to read independently, they will collect their 'Just Right' box and begin reading.  


Parents can help too by asking your child to show if the books he or she takes for home reading are 'Just Right'.  Check the chart below for some pointers about 'Just Right' books.