1-1 Computers at Sunshine Harvester


We are proud to report that Sunshine Harvester now has a 1-1 student to computer ratio.  That means every girl and boy in grades 1-6 is allocated their own Chromebook to use and care for.  It's our vision that every child has access to learning technologies every day.


Girls and boys each get their own account to login to their Chromebook to save their work, join online classrooms, create websites and use online resources.  


At Sunshine Harvester, we don't ask you to bring your own device - we provide a device.  We also provide free access to excellent online resources including Reading Eggs, Mathletics and Big Universe.  


We have recently taken delivery of new Chrombooks for the prep classroom.  The Acer C731e is made specially for schools and built extra tough.  It is built to US military standards, works for 13 hours on a battery charge and can survive a drop from 1.4 meters.  Of course children at Sunshine Harvester learn how to handle their devices responsibly, so we don't expect to test that capability!