Grade 3 Reading Goals

Students in the grade 3 have made a wonderful start this year with a focus on improving their reading.  Teachers and students are working on reading every day.  Students meet with their teacher regularly for a conference where the student demonstrates his or her progress and works with the teacher to set reading goals.


Mr Rob, the grade 3 Pod leader explains "Reading is the key to learning.  Every child in our school can learn and learning is most powerful when students learn to set and reflect on goals".


Students in grade 3 are working on:


- Choosing 'Just Right' Books. To do that, they need to understand the difference between easy, hard and 'Just Right'.

- Fluency - Reading smoothly without needing to stop all the time.

- Decoding - Figuring out words through letter sounds.

- Expression - Reading to sound like a person and not like a robot.

- Main Idea - Identify what a text is about.

- Author's purpose - Understanding why the author might say something.

- Text features - Understanding the different features of text types.

- Questioning - Answering and posing questions.

- Comprehension - Using Evidence from the text, Giving reasons for thoughts.