The Zones of Regulation




As adults, we all have ways of coping and getting ourselves back to the green zone. As they grow your children are gradually learning ways to do this also. This is such an important life skill, but one that has a big impact on their learning, too.


Did you know you have often helped them with what to do?



For example, if they are feeling sad, you might encourage them to think of positive things.



Our calm and content zone – this is also the zone we most want to be in for our learning.



If your child has got a bit silly and excited, you might encourage them to go and play out-
side and use up some of their extra energy. If they are grumpy, you might give them some space to let them

calm down.



Red zone is the zone where we can lose some control – in anger, or fear, or even being super ex-
cited. Calming strategies are always helpful at this level. Learning to breathe in a calm way can help. Let-
ting, or asking, your child to withdraw to their room might help them calm down too. Sometimes getting to

eat something or playing on a trampoline might work.


All things can be dealt with better once we calm down!